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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Boring .. >< .

Friday, August 14, 2009

Oh prelims are over .. ^^ , well i just feel bored .. so i suddenly just think of my blog O.o .
Now Today is one of the day when i have my prelim break since it over and normal academic is still having thier exams , and it seems today is marking day O.o .

well past two days was just staying at home .. and sleeping for nearly 12 hours aday average .
Than i finish up quite a number of anime series .
The picture above is one of it . , It called Clannad .. , it a pretty nice story .. have a nice story plot too . it nice so i like haha .. It under my favourtie genre also haha .

Haha that all .. , well .. good luck for everyone that is having their O levels this year

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yesyes, I'm at Jordan's house now.
(Joseph is smart, he knows what I want to type)
I'm nice okay I update Jordan's bloggy! HAHAH

Loveme, loveme!

(This is totally the same as the post at Calvin's bloggy!)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

oh well .
just suddenly feel like posting since i am pretty bored .
struggling with audition last story of the story mode == .
erm gay npc i would say

well yesterday was PTM
so no sch .
pretty cool
well the result i had
was like
A, B , C , D ,E also have good thing there is no F
pretty disappointing ..
but it still improvement .
haha ..

today went out
wit orle and jon lee .
wated the movie .
17 again .
it a funny movie .
and it dam lame sometimes .
well orle say it a stupid show for some stupid reason
maybe anyone who knows her and watch the movie will know i meant

so went home after the show .
and ..
struggling in audi ..
haha nites

Friday, April 10, 2009

lol ..
so long never post lo

well i tagged at jon lim blog say his blog is bak
i post one post here
incase i kenna shoot bak ..

haha ..

well nth much really happen throughout the time i was mia .
usually only school
test and more test

O level is coming soon .
pretty much i am scared .
but ..
o well haha ..

today is good friday .
well it a day i should remember as a christain
but as a student ..
it boring during holidays ==

Friday, February 20, 2009

Cry Cry .
well today is friday and it not any day special .

after sch had a Chinese test .
it still ok .
maybe tyco can pass ba haha ..

after test when to Hougang stadium to have sports heats .
i took part in 100 m race and javelin throw .
both also kns ..
javelin throw was my first time throwing i think it ok ba

100 m . is like T.T .
first year cant enter final .
plus ....
get last some more ..
so malu lor ..

now i dun even dare to be reserve for 200 m .
then sports day still got 4x400m race ..

zzz .

ok the day end here .
hiiiaz .. fever le .. ==

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Haha ..
valentines day coming
hehe alone agian this year .. =) ..

no ppl to date haha ...
so if anyone wan jio me , i be free that day from morning till 6 pm haha .

today nth much happen in sch .
i was late for school today
reach at around 10 plus hhaa .
so only attend half the day .
well Pe was ok .
it was pretty fun .

then jiu recess then more lessons haha .
that all